paid - writing to the blockchain costs Ether

update_note sets the newest note of a user

Send Data

Calling set_balance takes the following variables:

  • api_key
  • api_secret
  • contract_address
  • of_user
  • value
curl -XPOST "https://api.happycha.in/get_note" -d {
    api_key:          "YOUR_API_KEY",
    api_secret:       "YOUR_API_SECRET",
    contract_address: "YOUR_CONTRACT_ADDRESS",
    of_user:          "USER_ID",
    note:             "notes go here"

Return Data

In response you'll receive the transaction_hash of your deposit

  • transaction_hash

Be sure to hold onto your contract_address as you'll need it to call contract functions

{transaction_hash: "0x23632e32f3385b2a245c54905"}

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